5 Things That Men Want Most In Women

Finding the ideal partner can be quite tricky. Moreover, most women think that men are not serious at all when it comes to relationships. Most women are concerned with why men cheat.  However, just like women, men too must find reasons to commit in a relationship. Therefore, it is vital for women who want their men to commit fully to them to understand exactly what a man wants in a relationship. 

1. Honesty

Honesty tops the list of what men want. If you cannot be honest with your partner, eventually you will ruin your relationship. Every man wants an honest woman. Honesty especially in communication is a key ingredient for every successful relationship. Answer every question honestly and keep no secrets. If you want something from your man, ask for it openly and confidently. A true man wants a straightforward woman who communicates courageously with no anger or criticism. Therefore, if you demand honesty from your man, let it begin with you.

2. Confidence and self-sufficiency

Women need to exude security, confidence and self-sufficiency to the man they want to date or attract. Men are often attracted to women who are confident and secure in everything they do. However, it is important not to confuse confidence with arrogance. If a woman is arrogant, no man can consider her a worthy partner. Confidence means that a woman has her own capabilities and skills to be proud of.

3. No manipulation

Besides finding fulfillment in the relationship, men want women who can also find fulfillment as individuals without manipulating them. Whereas it is true that two people inevitably become an item when they decide to be in a relationship, it does not necessarily mean that they must agree on everything. Issues can be tackled through open-mindedness and proper communication in order to reach understanding between opposing perceptions.

4. Worthwhile sex and intimacy

A relationship cannot be complete without sex. Intercourse or sex is the consummation of love and commitment to each other. Besides the regular or consistent sex, every man wants a woman who is not afraid or shy to show her intimate side. When in a relationship with a woman he truly loves, the man will always want to make love and not just have sex with her. Therefore, it is vital for sexual activity to have passion, enthusiasm, and love. Besides giving your man your body, you should also give him your mind and heart especially during intercourse.

On the other hand, intimacy means the ability to connect with your man on a deep emotional level. If you can’t open your deepest thoughts and emotions to your man, you might have a shallow relationship where it will be very hard to understand each other. Do not be afraid to let your man appreciate your intimacy.

5. Sense of humor

Having a serious relationship does not mean that every day should be full of solemnity. You can have a serious relationship without taking away the laughter, fun, and enjoyment. Simply let out your funny side and be spontaneous in his company in order for him to enjoy your company. Men value relationships with women who make them laugh. Women who have a good sense of humor are considered very smart. However, you should not force it. Never plan what you will say; instead, let things flow smoothly.

Every woman has the power to keep her relationship strong and healthy. Sometimes a man may seem unwilling to commit in the relationship but it is vital to know that any man can willingly commit to a woman who knows what men want.

The Pros And Cons Of Fasting To Lose Weight

WeightLossScaleThere are thousands if not millions of people around the world who are not happy with how they look and want to shed off some few kilos. Most people normally try out different techniques but end up falling off the band wagon where they retain the weights they had or even add more pounds. One of the methods that people use to gain the body shape they want is fasting to lose weight. Most religions normally set aside periods of time to fast as a means of penitence, a time of spiritual reflection or demonstrating faith.

 Although it may not be the safest or most practical way to diet, there are a number of people who engage in fasting to lose weight. This is also done to get rid of toxins that have built up in the body. The methods that fasting is used to reduce weight mostly depend on the diet that a person is observing at the time. There are some diets where people only drink water while other allow people to consume raw foods while others only restrict food consumption on alternate days. Some fasting diets only allow people to take liquids like tea, water and juice and others do not eliminate food but cut on calories consumed.

 What people do not know is that when they are trying out fasting to lose weigh, the body is forced to dip into the energy levels to get everything it needs to survive during the fasting period. Although a person may end up losing some weight, there are serious concerns as to how long the weight will stay away. This is simply because most people will just bounce back to their normal diet and the weight will pile back once more especially since many people binge eat when they are done fasting.

Research has shown that fasting to lose weight can work when it is done on alternate days but this does not work for long. There is however no evidence that it helps to detoxify the body especially for the fasting diets that claim that they can help cleanse the body from impurities. It is also important to note that the body helps to get rid of the impurities using organs such as kidneys, colon, liver and skin through sweating. While fasting for a few days may be okay as long as you have enough fluid intake, doing it for extended periods of time may be harmful for your health.

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